KIWAMI,for the best taste.

Our Buisiness

Yamamatsu suisan is a company which deals mainly in frozen raw tuna and bonito.
We strive for food safety, security, and a stable consistent supply of high-quality delicious fish.
In order to deliver such high-quality products to customers, we value the following 5 points.


We stick to fishing grounds, seasons, and vessels in purchasing frozen raw fish.

We purchase high-quality frozen raw fish by taking advantage of our long-standing connections with fishery companies all over the country. We also attend landings and check the quality thoroughly.


We select materials carefully through the eyes of experienced artisans.

Tuna and bonito of Yamamatsu suisan must be selected carefully by experienced artisans. We have a strict selection standard which has been passed down over many years. It is based on the data combining our buyers’ knowledge and experiences; therefore, we are able to select tuna and bonito which match customers’ needs.


We respond to customers' requests with our processing skills.

Skilled processing staff make products every day that maximize the taste and quality of carefully selected materials. In addition, we strive to improve our skills and use them to flexibly respond to our customers' orders.


We maintain the freshness and taste of our products by ultra-low temperature storages.

In order to keep the same quality as freshly landed tuna and bonito, we strictly manage the temperature of our computer-controlled cold storages at -60°C.


We ensure the food safety and security at an international standard.

We have acquired the food safety management system “FSSC22000“certification to meet our customers’ high expectations for food safety.

Product Range

Yaizu port is one of the main pelagic fishery bases in Japan which handles mainly tuna and bonito.
All of our products are processed to a variety of forms such as saku and blocks.

Bigeye tuna

Yellowfin tuna

Southern bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna

Bonito, Swordfish, etc.

Company Profile

Location: Head office 1334-23 Riemon, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Yaizu cold storage 1250 Souemon, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Establishment : July 1969
Capital: 12 million yen
Business details: Processing and selling of frozen fishery products
Cold storage business